Zenfolio | Michael Flatt Photography | Deep Rapture Farm
Aspiring young farmer Dave has apprenticed to organic growers in Canada and now has come home to Australia to set up for himself. As is the case with many young people starting out in farming, buying land is beyond his reach. He has bought back with him enough savings to get started, but he needed some land to start on as an organic grower.
Into this need has come Carol with an offer to Dave to use part of her small block on the Strathbogie Tablelands of Victoria. After long discussions and moments when it all seemed about to evaporate, agreement was reached and the project is now underway. Dave has sunk everything he had saved into equipment and infrastructure.
In this album is an ongoing record of Deep Rapture Farm. 2015 is the first year.

Both Dave and Carol hope that this will inform and inspire other budding young farmers who need to find a way forward in their passion to be professional growers.